Interview with book author of The Business of Rugby

Interview with rugby agent and founder of Gregory Tanner, author of The business of Rugby Entrepreneurs seeking to get into the business of professional rugby need an introduction to the best ways to sieze the business opportunities as...

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New Book – The Business of Rugby

  Rugby can be America’s next professional growth sport.  A new book, “The Business of Rugby” , looks at the opportunities that exist for early adopters and models for creating successful professional teams in America. Is the United States ready for the next Billion...

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Rugby Book = The Business of Rugby

Essential reading for professionals and future leaders of rugby in the United States.

A thoroughly updated strategy and analysis on how rugby will become the next billion dollar economy in the U.S.   This valuable resource provides a complete overview on the complexity and challenges that face the professionalism of rugby.

The Business of Rugby considers a wide array of implications for television content, branding, the Internet, technology, sports-anchored real estate development, venue technology, and corporate marketing—in short, those areas where business opportunities exist now.

In the coming years, rugby in the U.S.will be one of the fastest growing sports.   The Business of Rugby will provide rugby book readers with answers to how the sport can profit and become a financial success.

A must read rugby book  for anyone wanting insider tips and to gain strategic insight about the evolution of rugby into the professional era.