Rugby can be America’s next professional growth sport.  A new book, “The Business of Rugby” , looks at the opportunities that exist for early adopters and models for creating successful professional teams in America.

Is the United States ready for the next Billion dollar sports industry?  A look at the sport of rugby and the opportunities for professional rugby in America.


Denver, Colorado – Sports world wide is a growth industry.  Rugby is a force in every part of the world and in America the country is primed for an exciting, physical and fast sport.

Forward looking businessmen and communities are finding that rugby and rugby hospitality equals a big payday.  America’s first rugby stadium is making big strides in Glendale, Colorado (Denver).

2015 will be the biggest year ever for rugby with the event of the Rugby World Cup in England in September.   The momentum of the game can carry over into the United States and help motivate organizations to work into a professional league.

The opportunity to build the next growth sports industry is prime for rugby where the values of the sport are pure and the demographics of fans being one of the most attractive.

A new book, “The Business of Rugby”  (ISBN:  978-0971115224) by Gregory Tanner, has full analysis of the successful professional leagues and how teams can be successful in the professional era.

From the authors popular website ,,  “The Business of Rugby” introduces his full analysis of the business, media and sport.

The book provides a recipe for building successful professional venues and teams.  It looks at how the professional leagues currently succeed and also suggests how a league could start and thrive in America.

The book is a compilation of studies from the authors’ attendance at Sport Management World Wide, articles at and experience.

“I wanted to provide what I have learned about professional rugby and just how professional rugby can be started and grow to the next Billon dollar sports industry.” Tanner says “There are many successful models and formulas that can be followed and there are mistakes that can be avoided.”

“The Business of Rugby” is available on and other online retailers.  The eBook will be available in May for Apple iPhone or iPad, Nook, or Kindle.